Porto Daliani

Paralia Katerini, Greece
PARALIA KATERINIS Paralia Katerinis,60100 Pieria,Greece
Porto Dailiani Apartments is a 3 keys Apartments category located at a beautiful spot in Paralia Katerini! Porto Daliani offers studios overlooking the Gulf of Thermaikos and the mythical mountain Olympus. In five minutes walking distance you can find shops, bars and restaurants offering traditional Mediterranean dishes by the sea. Porto Daliani is 250m from the beach and 5 minutes from the center of the Beach, where you can take part in activities like jet skiing and canoe and have fun at bars or restaurants! We are 79km from the Thessaloniki, 35km from the mythical Mount Olympus and 25km from the Archeological Museum of Dion.

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Autocar Bucuresti - Paralia Bucuresti - Paralia Katerini; Autocar Paralia - Bucuresti Paralia Katerini - Bucuresti; Package commission

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